Daily Grind

I pass this tiny van selling fresh coffee on Queen Victoria Road every time I go to see my chiropractor Dr Hester Potts near St James Park for my monthly spinal check. The play on words “Daily Grind” is great and there’s usually a few folk standing in line waiting for a freshly ground coffee. … Read more

Norcia, Umbria

Relais il Canalicchio Umbria is one of my favourite regions in Italy. It has some great wines, particularly Montefalco Sagrantino and of course, fantastic food. The first time we visited in 2002 we stayed at the Relais il Canalicchio, a beautiful old hotel that boasted commanding views over the tranquil countryside. We travelled as far … Read more

The Cod Father

Signage Because of my background trainting in graphic design, I love interesting signage. This van is owned by the Cod Father who provides fish (and other food) around the city of Newcastle. The humour is great and is typical of the way Geordies don’t take themselves too seriously. Fish and Chips I don’t believe that … Read more

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