Daily Grind

The Daily Grind


I pass this tiny van Daily Grind selling fresh coffee on Queen Victoria Road every time I go to see my chiropractor Dr Hester Potts near St James Park for my monthly spinal check.

The play on words “Daily Grind” is great. There’s usually a few folk standing in line waiting for a freshly ground coffee. I’m always tempted to buy one. But as I have my own fresh coffee machine at home, I can resist until I get back to Ponteland.

It’s still terrific vehicle livery though with good use of space on a van so small. It also has the colours from the Italian flag. Does anyone know if they have a website?

Junction 42

Blog amended April 2022. Since I first wrote this blog post, my chiropractor has relocated to the railway arches near Newcastle Keep. I’ve also bought several cups of coffee too.

In my role as an Outreach Worker for Junction 42, I often go for walks with my clients. With one particular client, we would stop for a coffee at Daily Grind. It’s been along journey with him as he’s gone through difficult times including homelessness. I’m delighted to say that he is now in full time employment.

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