Technical Scissors

Technical Scissors
Technical Scissors

Paintings of Kuwait

In 2009 I had an exhibition of my paintings in Kuwait. I spent time driving around the city, looking for interesting buildings to paint. As soon as I saw this sign, I wanted to buy a pair. However, just how technical are they? Would I be able to handle them okay? Can you buy an app instead? Are they expensive? What are Technical Scissors?

Instead, I bought a pair of “non tech” pink kid’s scissors for my grandaughter for just over a pound from a nearby mall.

Souk Kuwait

Of course, I did manage to find some subjects that were very paintable. One of my favourite scenes from this trip was the Entrance to the Souk.

Technical Scissors
Sketchbook Watercolour of Souk

As part of my preparation I did several sketchbook watercolours just outside the entrance of the souk. I sketched the figures going in and out of one of the oldest retail parts of Kuwait. The loose, expressive brusk marks were valuable in recreating the larger watercolour that I executed in my studio back in Ponteland. I had the original watercolour reproduced as a limited edition print which can be seen at my Studio and Gallery in Ponteland.


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