Marostica Castello Superiore – Original Watercolour Painting


An Original Watercolour of Marostica in Northern Italy.

Size 12” x 9” unframed.

In 2005 I had a solo exhibition of my paintings in Marostica, a small town in the Veneto region of Italy.

This painting was inspired by a smaller sketchbook watercolour painted on location the previous year.

Dimensions 30 × 22.5 cm
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Marostica Castello Superiore Original Watercolour | Paintings of The Veneto, Italy – Alan Reed

Paintings of Italy

Marostica Castello Superiore is in a little town in the province of Vincenza, Northern Italy. Mostly known for its delicious cherries (Festival in May) and the live chess game (September every 2 years in even-numbered years)

The Piazza in front of the castle (castello inferior) became an ice rink for the locals to skate on throughout the day and into the night.

I held a solo exhibition of my paintings in Marostica Castello Superiore in the winter of 2005. It was wonderful to hear the praises and comments about my work by the locals. As I know little Italian it was a constant but exciting challenge whilst communicating. Fortunately my wife Susan has a much larger vocabulary in Italian than me so we managed very well between us.

I found the whole scene an inspiration that captured immense joy.

Shop for your favourite Paintings of Italy from our Italy collection including Ice Skating in Marostica on the Famous Piazza. The Piazza is turned into an ice rink during the winter months. It’s a beautiful scene to see the local children skating here.

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