Walking with God


Image size: 350.00 x 250.00 mm

A Signed Fine Art Giclee Print "Walking with God"

The original watercolour painting was sold some time ago. It has now been reproduced and is available as a signed print.

The painting was inspired by sketchbook watercolours painted around the Italian city of Vicenza in the Veneto region of Italy.

“Walking with God” depicts a nun walking along the beautiful colonnade that takes you down the hill from Monte Berico, bathed in early morning sunlight. Placing her right of centre, helps to break up the symetry of the composition.



Walking with God | Paintings of Italy- Alan Reed

Walking with God Limited Edition Print

The original watercolour painting of Walking with God gave me great pleasure to paint has great meaning for me as a Christian. It is available as a signed print.

This painting was inspired by my sketchbook watercolours done on location from around the Italian city of Vicenza in the Veneto region.

“Walking with God” depicts a nun walking along the beautiful colonnade that takes you down the hill from Monte Berico.

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Monte Berico

I recall a wonderful trip there staying for several days at a friend’s house. He lent me his bike so I got up early the following morning while it was still dark. I cycled through the deserted romantic streets to the foot of Monte Berico.
I pushed my bike through the colonnade as the sun was coming up. On reaching the top of the hill, I sketched the Basilica. Whilst painting, I also made mental notes of the beautiful colours for future paintings.

My wife and I love to visit this Region of Northern Italy. It is one of our favourite regions in Italy. Vicenza is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area of Venice, Treviso Padova or Verona.

Whether you’re seeking delightful walled towns, artistic treasures or gastronomic treats, it’s well worth taking a day trip from Venice to explore the surrounding area.

From Roman amphitheatres to Palladian villas and Renaissance frescoes, the Veneto region has plenty to offer.

This signed print of “Walking with God” is available from wwww.alanreed.com

Vicenza – the city of Palladio

Vicenza in Northern Italy is the adopted hometown of the great Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. Palladio’s architecture is famous around Italy. Many artists and sculptors admiring his great work. His most prominent achievement is the Teatro Olimpico, Europe’s oldest surviving indoor theatre. The structure looks like marble, however most of it is built in wood and plaster giving it a majestic  looking facade. The Renaissance stage set is still used today for theatre performances.


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