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Welcome to Our Paintings of Newcastle and Northumberland

Discover an art world where the historical and natural beauty of Newcastle and Northumberland is showcased through Alan Reed’s artwork.

Our gallery features an expansive collection of original watercolours, expressive oil paintings, and detailed pen & ink drawings, each capturing the essence of these beloved locales. From the majestic Northumberland Castles to the bustling cityscapes of Newcastle and serene beach scenes, our artworks invite you to explore the region’s charm and splendour through the eyes of acclaimed artist Alan Reed.

Our Collections

Our gallery is a timeless collection of artworks that celebrate the rich tapestry of Newcastle, Northumberland, and places beyond. Here’s a closer look:

Original Watercolour Paintings:

Experience the fluid beauty of watercolours, where every stroke conveys the unique atmosphere and mood of Newcastle and Northumberland. Each painting is a window to the soul of these places, offering viewers a chance to immerse themselves in their tranquil beauty and historical significance.

Oil Paintings and Pen & Ink:

For those who admire the richness of oils or the precision of pen & ink, our collection offers a diverse range of styles and subjects. From the vivid textures of oil paintings to the sharp contrasts of pen & ink drawings, there’s a piece to match every aesthetic and preference.

Beyond Newcastle:

Our artistic journey doesn’t end at the borders of Newcastle and Northumberland. Explore captivating scenes from Scotland, Italy, Oman, and more, each piece telling a story of its own, inspired by the diverse landscapes and cultures encountered by Alan Reed on his travels.

Paintings of Newcastle & Northumberland

Visit Our Gallery in Ponteland

We invite you to visit our gallery in Ponteland for a personal viewing of Alan Reed’s work. Booking an appointment allows you to experience the true beauty and detail of each piece up close, engage in discussions about your art preferences, and explore potential painting projects, no matter the scale.

Custom Artwork and Services

Our services extend beyond the gallery walls. Whether you’re seeking a limited edition print to enhance your space or are interested in commissioning a piece that holds personal significance, we’re here to make your vision a reality. Discover our bespoke framing options to perfectly complement your chosen artwork, or delve into the world of art with private painting tuition from Alan Reed himself.

Get in Touch

Your journey into the captivating world of art starts here. If you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, or if you have any questions about our collections, commissioning a piece, or our other services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us at 01661 820626 or email to discuss how we can bring your artistic visions to life. At Alan Reed Gallery, your satisfaction and the pursuit of beauty are our highest priorities.