Dhows, Calm Waters – Limited Edition Print


I’m fascinated by the way sunlight creates a lovely warm glow on these graceful fishing vessels. Dhows in Kuwait.

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Dimensions 43 × 20 cm
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Dhows Calm Waters, Gulf Art Watercolour Print | Gulf Art Prints – Alan Reed

Painting Dhows

This limited edition of Calm Waters (Gulf Art Prints) is available as a small run of 45. All of our prints are signed and numbered by the Artist Alan Reed.

There’s a story on how I ended up doing a Painting of Dhows on Gold Leaf. In 2010 I was involved in a painting of a very large Biblical scene which was to go in a church building. It was a massive project and painting, executed on 5 panels of gold leaf in oil paints. I had several small boards coated with gold leaf to experiment with and decided to do my own paintings on this unusual and expensive surface.

I did two quite different scenes, one of the Grand Mosque in Oman, the other of some Arabian Dhows at low tide in Sur, Oman.

Dhows in Kuwait. Gulf Art Prints are some of our best sellers and cover many different subjects of the area.

Available in larger size, contact for details

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Oman Paintings

I first discovered Oman in 2005 when I was commissioned to do two paintings for a client there. I quickly became fascinated by this ancient land so I began to read up on its history. In 2007 we decided to visit this beautiful country in the Gulf which has such a diverse landscape. This was the beginning of our Gulf Art Prints.