The Artist’s Wife, Venice

Artist's Wife
The Artist’s Wife

Painting on Location

Susan became the Artist’s Wife in 1993 when we got married. It was Susan who first introduced me to Italy two years previously. She had lived in Venice for five years and was always enthusing about the country, its people, the culture and of course, the food and wine. We made our first trip together in 1991 and I soon found myself painting exquisite scenes on location. I was beginning to discover for myself why Italy has always inspired artists from all around the world.

Prints of Venice

St Mark’s Square has a special place in Susan’s heart as it was in the Basilica on the 7th April in 1985 that she cried out to God and committed her life to Jesus. So the painting above, titled The Artist’s Wife depicting Susan standing under one of the archways with St Mark’s church in the background, is one that holds poignant memories for Susan. Whenever we go to Venice, we reflect on what happened that day and how much Susan’s life has changed. Of course, it’s not just Susan’s life that was effected. Numerous people have been touched by her story which has inspired them.

Artist's Wife
St Mark’s Church, Afternoon Sunlight

The original watercolour remains in our private collection of paintings of Italy. However, we have reproduced it as part of our series of limited edition prints of Italy. There are 250 in the edition and 25 artist’s proofs. These are sometimes hand remarked.

Paintings of Italy

Venice continues to be a source of inspiration for me. I always travel to Italy with my watercolour paints and sketchbooks to record the wonderful architecture, light and atmosphere. It’s a magical experience and a gift from God to be able to sit and paint.

Photographs of Venice

I also take photographs of Venice as part of my research. One of my photographs of the Venetian Regatta was featured in a book titled “Dream of Venice”.

You can see another black and white photograph I’ve taken of Venice on my website.

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