Show Me The Monet

Show Me The Monet
Grey Street, Saturday Morning

Show Me The Monet

Lucky Day Productions have been filming a new series for BBC 2 called Show Me The Monet. Artists from around the country were invited to submit a piece of art to be judged by a hanging committee of renowned art experts to then be shown to the public at the Royal College of Arts in London. The 3 judges were Charlotte Mullins, David Lee and Roy Bolton.

I entered my original of “Grey street, Saturday Morning” which was shortlisted as one of the final 100 paintings out of over a 1000 applicants for Show Me The Monet. Despite some very positive comments from the judges, on this occasion it was not what they were looking for. This particular watercolour started off as a demonstration one Saturday morning in Emerson Chambers in Newcastle. I painted the view of Grey Street from their second floor.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The filming of my painting took place in “House for an Art Lover” a truly unique location designed by the famous Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, in Glasgow 3rd February.  I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by BBC’s Chris Hollins, a former winner of “Strictly Come Dancing”.

Despite not being selected I enjoyed the experience. I may well be shown when the series Show Me The Monet is televised at the end of March on BBC 2. Since this blog post was first published, the painting of Grey Street was featured on Show Me The Monet. Also it was sold for the price I said it would in the interview.

4 thoughts on “Show Me The Monet”

  1. I paint with great enthusiasm and no talent. I think this Show me the Monet X-factor-type show is interesting, but also makes me feel insecure about my painting, somehow, which is silly, as one must listen to one’s heart and not others.
    Also, many of the paintings they like, I don’t and whenever I really like a picture, they
    reject it.
    You painting, above, for example, I really like, and if I had any money, that’s exactly
    the kind of painting I would buy. (As it is, I earn very little but always buy pictures at
    fleamarkets etc.).
    I’m sure many, many people love your paintings, and that they sell well!


  2. Hello Mr Reed, funnily enough I discovered for the first time this series last night and it happened to be episode 8 where they introduced your work.
    I thought the comments from art dealer, Roy Boltan about the fleeting shapes of the crowd was blown out of proportion.
    If I must be honest, out of the episode, your painting wouldn’t have been my favourite work. However I must say the reflected morning light on the building is truly splendid. There is something quite poetic in the way the sun shines on them. There is a feeling of a unique moment being captured, half way through a dream and a waking moment.
    A morning of all possibilities.
    I think it has the rare quality of a movie sequence. What was supposed to happen once and once only, has been skillfully captured and for the benefits of the viewers you can now watch it again and again.
    In fact the more I am watching it, the more I am liking it because somehow I can’t describe how it is making me feel.
    Your work is escaping me and this is a good way because the moment you have figured out a picture then it has stopped interesting you.
    Of course I am no expert. I am just an art lover giving an honest opinion.
    By the way, liking the Al Capone picture of you.

    • Thank you for your comments. It’s encouraging to hear positive feedback about one’s work. Roy Bolton’s remarks about the figures being out of proportion were completely wrong. Generally, I thought the judges were polite, respectful and constructive about all the contestants work, however art is very subjective.


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