Painting Holiday In Umbria

Residential painting holiday in the heart of Italy with professional watercolour artist Alan Reed Painting in Umbria is a delight. We’ve rented a luxury villa for our painting holiday. The accommodation sits on the 1,000-hectare private Antognolla estate, amid gentle rolling hills and centuries old Cypresses. stands at the top of the Antognolla Valley, looking … Read more

Festival of the North East

North East

Festival of the North East is a regional event throughout the month of June. It’s an eclectic mix of art, exhibitions, dance, theatre, music and much more. My contribution to the festival is an exhibition titled “It’s a Big River”. I’ve been painting various scenes of the River Tyne for over thirty years. It’s a career … Read more

Dhows, Coming Home

When I was painting on location in Kuwait back in 2009, I did several sketchbook watercolours around the Dhow Harbour. These studies became the catalyst for a number of original watercolour paintings of dhows, some of which I’ve had reproduced as limited edition prints. This particular painting depicts a solitary dhow bathed in sunlight, slowly … Read more

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