Rialto Bridge Venice

Paintings of Venice are always popular with folk who have been fortunate enough to visit the city of romance. I recall one of my painting trips in March 2000 when the weather was quite mixed. I arose early one morning to do some painting to be faced with a heavy fog. We were staying close … Read more


The Amalfi Coast The Amalfi coast is a spectacular area of dramatic scenery. I’ve only been the one time which was for a week back in 2003 but I was inspired to do a number of sketchbook watercolours and this Painting of Ravello. I have vivid memories of the brief trip we made to this … Read more

Top Sketchbook Tips

Top Sketchbook TIP 7 A new sheet of clean white paper can ofter appear intimidating to a beginner, even to someone experienced. to overcome any fears of making a mistake, it can be helpful to lay a pale wash of colour (for example Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna) over the whole sheet of paper, whether … Read more

Sketchbook Tips

Sketchbook Tips

Watercolour Paints Whether you are a keen painter or simply a beginner who has been given a box of watercolour paints for Christmas, here are my top 10 Sketchbook Tips to help improve your sketchbook work. Drawing is and always will be the main foundation of my creative process. Many visual artists and painters do rely … Read more

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