Rosso e Nero (Rialto Fish Market) A painting in Stages

Rialto Fish Market

Venice In February 2004 my wife and I spent several days in Venice with my parents. We booked an old Venetian apartment through a website called Venetian-Rentals. It was lavishly furnished with old books and paintings. The plan for this trip was to get some fresh reference for me to do some new paintings of … Read more

Drawing People

Gesture Drawing

TIP 10 Study People In my first tip I talked about drawing from observation. Drawing people isn’t easy, particularly if they are not deliberately posing for you, but the results can be rewarding if you stick at it. A useful tip is to draw people walking about without actually looking at the paper. These can … Read more

Remember Tony Hart & Morph

Top Tip

TIP 9 Tony Hart was a childhood inspiration. I used to love watching Vision On and all the amazing artwork they featured. I found this plastic model of Morph whilst walking my dog. The animated Morph used to feature in Tony Hart’s television program Take Hart which was an inspiration to millions of children including … Read more

Top Sketch Book Tips – Drawing with a brush

Drawing with a brush

Tip 4 Limited Palette Why don’t you try Drawing with a brush and paint with one colour or a limited palette instead of using a pencil. You will achieve a quality of line that will vary in thickness.  This will make your brush strokes look far more interesting. You will also become more confident about … Read more

Painting on Location

Painting on Location

Watercolour One of the most satisfying and rewarding disciplines I do as a painter is Painting on Location. I like to get up early to capture the early morning light in watercolour. Over the last couple of years I’ve been fortunate to spend a week in Norfolk over the summer with my family, following in … Read more

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