Rosso e Nero (Rialto Fish Market) A painting in Stages

Rialto Fish Market

Venice In February 2004 my wife and I spent several days in Venice with my parents. We booked an old Venetian apartment through a website called Venetian-Rentals. It was lavishly furnished with old books and paintings. The plan for this trip was to get some fresh reference for me to do some new paintings of … Read more

Drawing People

TIP 10 Study People In my first tip I talked about drawing from observation. Drawing people isn’t easy, particularly if they are not deliberately posing for you, but the results can be rewarding if you stick at it. A useful tip is to draw people walking about without actually looking at the paper. These can … Read more

Remember Tony Hart & Morph

TIP 9 When using watercolour, change your water regularly. As soon as it starts getting discoloured, rinse out your jar and replace it with clean water. I usually have two jars on my drawing board. One to take off the paint on my brush, the other to get the brush really clean. In the background … Read more

Top Sketch Book Tips – Drawing with a brush

Drawing with a brush

Tip 4 Limited Palette Why don’t you try Drawing with a brush and paint with one colour or a limited palette instead of using a pencil. You will achieve a quality of line that will vary in thickness.  This will make your brush strokes look far more interesting. You will also become more confident about … Read more

Painting on Location

Painting on Location

Watercolour One of the most satisfying and rewarding disciplines I do as a painter is Painting on Location. I like to get up early to capture the early morning light in watercolour. Over the last couple of years I’ve been fortunate to spend a week in Norfolk over the summer with my family, following in … Read more

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