The Art Tour

The Network Artists North East annual Art Tour begins this weekend. This ever popular event, now in its 19th year, gives you the opportunity to meet artists from around the North East who are opening up their studios for The Art Tour. This year I’ve decided to display many of my sketchbooks which contain numerous … Read more

John Singer Sargent

Sketchbook Tips TIP 11. Studying the work of other artists is a great way to improve your artistic skills. However there are a number of different levels of study that one can tackle. I’ve recently purchased several books about the American artist John Singer Sargent which I have studying. My initial approach is to quickly … Read more

Thames Sunrise

Thames Sunrise London

Impressionism On Saturday evening I enjoyed watching an interesting documentary on BBC 2 about the impressionists. I found it fascinating because it was refreshingly light and informative. It wasn’t just about the artists themselves but about their working methods, techniques and influences which made it engaging. Towards the end of the programme, the presenter, Waldemar … Read more

Casa Panfili

Umbrian Farm House In 2006 I was commissioned to do a watercolour of Casa Panfili. It’s a wonderful Umbrian farmhouse with spectacular views over the Niccone Valley. The owners, Al and Betty Stuart wanted a painting that captured something of the beauty of the valley.  They also wanted me to show how Casa Panfili is … Read more

Oil Painting of Norfolk

Oil Painting of Norfolk

Oil Painting of Norfolk I have been asked recently to do an oil painting of Norfolk for a particular client. As I usually work in watercolour paints, I thought it would be prudent to get back into the swing of painting in oils. As it is a completely different painting technique by doing a quick … Read more

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