Walking on Water Prophetic Print


New limited edition giclee print, inspired by a dream which I had of this scene.

I felt as though I needed to paint it while it was fresh in my mind.

Other sizes available on request.

The Original Painting is available, please enquire for further details.

Dimensions 30 × 40 cm
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Waking on Water Prophetic Paintings | Prophetic Watercolours – Alan Reed

Prophetic Paintings

Buy Prophetic Painting Walking on Water from artist Alan Reed at his gallery in Ponteland.

Last year I had a dream where I was underwater. There were all kinds of fish swimming around. I seemed to be aware that there were two people walking on water. When I woke up, I decided to paint the scene for a painting project whilst the image was still fresh in my mind. My friend Ian Galloway had written a book about unlocking John’s Gospel “Called to be Friends” .

He was looking for book cover ideas. I shared my dream with Ian and said that he could use the image if it worked out.

The publishers of the book didn’t go for my painting. However, since posting this image on social media, I’ve had many requests for prints. So now this watercolour painting is available as a limited edition print.

Read Alan Reed Blog to discover his personal story of why he painted the picture Walking on Water.

Miracles of Jesus

The account of Jesus walking on the water is recorded three times in the scriptures. It’s significant to note that Matthew, Mark, and John, three of Jesus’ disciples, are the ones who recount the story.

Luke was not a disciple of Jesus during his earthly ministry and his gospel doesn’t mention Jesus walking on water. This means the story of Jesus walking on water is recorded in three reports by eyewitnesses, which authenticates its veracity. This is significant because walking on water is a miracle.

Why did Jesus walk on the water? What does it mean?

Some scholars find parallels in this story to Moses in the Old Testament leading the children of Israel through the Red Sea during Passover. Here, we won’t dive as deep into symbolism. Instead, we’ll look at the three recordings of the story, all of which took place immediately after Jesus fed the crowd of five thousand, to find the meaning for us today.

Also available “Walking with God

The painting was inspired by sketchbook watercolours painted around the Italian city of Vicenza in the Veneto region of Italy.

“Walking with God” depicts a nun walking along the beautiful colonnade that takes you down the hill from Monte Berico, bathed in early morning sunlight. Placing her right of centre, helps to break up the symetry of the composition.