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The Lit & Phil Library


Image size: 495 x 345 mm

Limited edition of 95

The Lit & Phil stands for the Literary and Philosophical Society which was founded in 1793 as a place for the people of the North East to meet, talk and learn. Its members were many of the leading thinkers and innovators of their day and early presidents included Robert Stephenson,Lord Armstrong and Joseph Swan.

The present building was opened in 1825 and the magnificent reading rooms remain largely unchanged today. Sadly, many folk in the region are not aware of its existence and are truly missing out on this outstanding resource for learning.

Today, the Lit & Phil is the largest independent library outside of London housing over 150,000 books.  In 2012 I visited the Lit & Phil in Newcastle for the first time and was captivated by this extraordinary library.

The building is in constant need of tender loving care to maintain its status as a landmark building with an extraordinary library.

An exhibition of some of my paintings was held at the Lit & Phil on Friday 6th July 2012 for a month with a portion of sales given to the fundraising cause.


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