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Thames Sunrise, London


Image size: 345 x 495 mm

Limited edition giclee print of 95

Over the years I have spent considerable time studying sunrises and the way light affects cityscapes.

This painting of the Thames showing the city of London skyline is the fruit of such studies.

Available framed and in larger sizes please contact


Thank you so much for your prompt response. We worked in the City of London and on the Thames (my husband was a Tug captain) for most of our working lives and you are quite right the skyline has changed - but your paintings of the river and the city under a "moody" sky is still a typical scene enjoyed by so many Londeners every day of their working lives as they cross Waterloo Bridge.Dear Alan

Your painting is in our Sitting Room above the fireplace and gives us daily pleasure- thank you so much!

Best wishes and kind regards,  Mr & Mrs P - London