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Rugby v Durham School


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Just to let you know that we are really pleased with the "Rugby v. Durham School" painting we ordered from you a few weeks ago. We have bought it for our son's 18th birthday as he is the Rugby School "no. 7"  holding the ball in the painting! We did have an email about the painting through the school a while ago, but couldn't afford it at the time and we weren't sure if Matthew would really want it, he then happened to mention how nice the painting was and how he would love to have a print of it, so i hoped you had some left and bought it quick! Matthew was a awarded a sports scholarship to the school and his place there is also funded by the Arnold Foundation. It was an honour for him to take part in this tournament, and as much an honour for you to have immortalised this moment for him in this beautiful watercolour. 

Mrs V. - Ceredigion, Wales