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Grainger Street, Newcastle


Image size: 185 x 295 mm

LImited edition of 950

The popularity of my cityscapes is partially down to the fact that I usually include figures in the paintings which bring the painting to life.

Over the years I spent considerable time observing people going about their daily business in cities like Edinburgh, Venice and New York. I’ve developed my own shorthand for drawing them on the move in my sketchbook so I can refer to them when I come to do a studio painting.

I will of course take photographs as it’s impossible to draw people in detail walking about the streets unless they are deliberately modelling for you.

It’s the figures in this painting which are the dominant point of interest. Folk have often commented that they love the old man shuffling along with his newspaper sticking out of his back pocket, the two old ladies nattering away with their shopping bags and the road sweeper who has stopped to light up a fag. 

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