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Durham Cathedral in Winter


Image size: 285 x 435 mm

Limited edition Giclee of 250

Durham Cathedral dominates any view of Durham City and rightly so.

Described as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, it contains the remains of St Cuthbert and is, together with the castle, one of the first British World Heritage sites.  

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Dear Alan I’m writing to express my thanks for the recent print of Durham in Winter I purchased for my Dad’s 60th birthday; the gift was very well received, and is now hanging in pride of place in his office. Whilst my Dad is a man of many words, few of them are usually coherent, but the email I received from him afterwards clearly sums up my feelings towards your work too:

“Thanks for the present, really appreciated and love the scene - have spent hours looking at it!” Your amiable approach to business and blindingly obvious talent makes you a person for which it is a pleasure to do business with - I certainly have my eye on a few prints for myself in the future!  RC