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Bilad Sayt, Oman


Image size: 500 x 700 mm

Original Fine Art Watercolour

Oman is full of remote villages, forts amd towers. Over the last few years many of these ancient dwellings have become much more accessible through modern roads. 

It's a stunning village in picturesque surroundings between the Western Hajar Mountains, half way up the mountain path connecting Al Hamra to Nakal/Al Rustaq through Wadi Bani Awf, and is adjacent to "Snake Canyon" 

Bilad Satt is definitely worth a visit on any trip to Oman 

This large original watercolour painting has been inspired by the off road journey I made there when I was able to make a sketch book study and take a number of photographs.

It has been painted on hand-made Fabriano Esportazione which is no longer being manufactured.

The very rough textured surface is incredible to paint on in watercolour. You can create some amazing textures and "wet on wet" effects.