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Emerson Chambers, Magnetic Bookmark

Museum quality magnetic bookmark. The image of Emerson Chambers, Newcastle was taken from an original watercolour painting.


Grey Street in the Snow Christmas Cards

A classic view of Grey Street for this Christmas Card. Newcastle described as the finest curved Street in Europe.

In this painting, Alan's daughter Louise can be seen dashing through a snow shower with her two young children, Ewan and Anya. 

Pack of 5 Blank Inside 





Grey Street, Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards of Newcastle

Grey Street always makes an attractive scene for a Christmas Card.

A limited palette has been used to capture the bleakness of a winter's day in Newcastle and the beauty of Grey Street described by the architectural critic Nickolaus Pevsner as "one of the finest streets in Europe".

Pack of 5 Blank Inside

The original watercolour painting


Head of a Capri Girl

An oil painting study of John Singer Sargent's "Head of a Capri Girl" on board. John Singer Sargent is one of my favourite artists. I regularly make observational studies of his portraits, usually quick charcoal pencil drawings in my Moleskine sketchbooks. 

Sometimes though, I will take time to make a more considered study in oils.

To watch a short video by Alan on the detail of this painting click Here.

Also available as a print, either on canvas or paper. Telephone 01661 871 800 for details.

To enquire about this original watercolour painting please contact 


High Bridge in the Snow, Christmas Cards

High Bridge Street,Newcastle in a flurry of snow. 

Its deliberately monochromatic, with the exception of the little girl, huddled under her Mother’s umbrella, whose coat is bright red.  

Pack of 5 Inside "Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year"



High Bridge Street, Magnetic Bookmark

Museum quality magnetic bookmark. The image of High Bridge Street, Newcastle was taken from an original watercolour painting.


Ice skating in Italy Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards of Marostica a small town in the Veneto Region of Italy. 

The Piazza in front of the castle became an ice rink for the locals to skate on throughout the day and into the night. 

I found the whole scene an inspiration that captured something of the joy, fun and excitemenrt of Christmas.  SOLD OUT

Limited edition print available







Jesmond Dene Christmas Cards

The original watercolour of Jesmond Dene was inspired from spending an afternoon sledging with my grandchildren.

Pack of 5 Blank inside

The painting is also available as a limited edition print.


La Serenata a Rialto Bookmark

La Serenata a Rialto A Magnetic Bookmark featuring Rialto in Venice