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Bikes, Amsterdam

A few days in Amsterdam enabled me to do sufficient sketches and studies of the canals for this studio painting of bikes proped up against the railings on one of the many bridges.



Buckingham Palace with Gold Leaf

Painting on Gold Leaf is a rewarding experience. I've painted a number of works on Gold Leaf including a portrait of my wife Susan.

For this scene of Buckingham Palace viewed from Green Park, I've chosen to adopt an Art Deco style using just 6 colours. The gold leaf acts as an extra colour providing a strong light source for the foreground shadows. 

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Watch a video showing the effects of gold leaf on the painting close up


Mont Blanc and Manganese Blue, Chamonix

On 29th January I was notified that my new watercolour titled Mont Blanc and Manganese Blue had been selected Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Watercolour Competition 2016. It’s the second time one of my paintings has been chosen. In 2013 my painting “Jebel Akhdar, Oman” won the Artists Prize in the same competition. 

The title of this painting comes partly from using the lovely colour “Manganese Blue” produced by Winsor and Newton which I have been using since the late 1980’s. It’s a brighter blue than Cerulean which I personally find a little flat in comparison.

It was inspired by a sketchbook watercolour I painted "en plein air" from Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix, France in the summer of 2015.

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Sycamore Gap, The Tree

I recall painting a watercolour of this tree in snow as a Christmas Card for the Marie Curie Cancer fund over 10 years ago. This stretch of Hadrian’s Wall is bleak but spectacular in its barreness and stark beauty.

Sycamore Gap is also known as Robin Hood’s Tree for its appearance in the film Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner.

I’ve since painted the famous tree of the year again in winter sunlight. My viewpoint is taken from the Military Road which shows the tree of the year nestling in the famous gap in the wall. Sunlight is catching the clouds behind and creating an overall feeling of warmth to the painting.

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View from Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix

During a family holiday in Chamonix, France with our daughter and grandchildren. We took two trips up the spectacular Aiguille du Midi which we would gaze at every day from our apartment in Chamonix. 

On each trip up this dramatic peak, accessed by cable car, I did a sketchbook watercolour, one of Mont Blanc, which became the catalyst for this 16″ x 12″ studio watercolour.


Windmills at Dawn, Amsterdam

On a recent trip to Amsterdam I was inspired to do some watercolours on location at Koog-Zaandijk of their windmills set in the Dutch landscape.

Looking into the early morning sunlight creates a sense of peace, stillness and tranquility to this iconic scene.

A limited edition print available


Winter Walk

An original watercolour of a Northumbrian snow scene. The couple walking into the distance provide a sense of scale to this fluid painting inspired by many a walk I've taken myself in the winter months.

It has been painted on a hand made paper with a limited palette. The big sky provides further interest and drama to the composition.