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Barka, Oman

Original Watercolour Paintings of Oman Art

A beach scene painting of Barka, Oman which has probably been the same for thousands of years.

Fishermen bring in the catch of the day which is quickly purchased by the locals.  


Dhow Reflections

This original watercolour was inspired by sketchbook studies in watercolour of the dhow harbour in Kuwait. It has been painted on hand-made Fabriano Esportazione which is no longer being manufactured.


The very rough textured surface is incredible to paint Gulf Art in watercolour allowing you to build up clear translucent washes of colour that give a sense of depth, time and space, ideal for a subject as simple as a lone dhow resting in still waters. 


I've been to the Fabriano paper Mill in the Marches region of Italy on two occasions to purchase their beautiful paper and leather bound sketchbooks.


I started to use their sketchbooks to paint "en plein air" just after my first visit to their factory in 2002 . After using up my sketchbook supplies from Fabriano, I now make my own leather bound sketchbooks, a very rewarding process.


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Dhows, Calm Waters, Middle East

I'm fascinated by the way sunlight creates a lovely warm glow on these graceful fishing vessels.  

I spent some time painting these Arabian dhows one afternoon on location in the harbour in Kuwait.

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Dhows, Coming Home

A solitary dhow, moves slowly through the harbour waters, caught in the warm sunlight, to join the other dhows moored for the night. 

This large watercolour was inspired by my sketchbook studies painted on location around the dhow harbour in Kuwait.

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View a close up detail of this watercolour painting.


Dhows, Sur

When I first visited Sur, a coastal down in Oman famous for Arabian dhow building, I painted several sketchbook watercolours of the dhows.

This small oil painting has been inspired by my "en plein air" studies.


Early Evening Conversation, Qantab

A simple and interesting study of some of the older fishermen from Qantab in Oman chatting away in the early evening sunlight. A very familiar pastime.


Jebel Akhdar

Jebel Akhdar (Green Mountain) in Oman. This Original painting won "The Artist's Prize" in the Royal Watercolour Society Competition for 2013.

I've been a couple of times and made number of sketchbook Studies which can be seen in my reproduction "Sketch Book of Oman".

The locals grow pomegranates on the terraces which are watered by an ancient yet efficient irrigation system called Falaj.

Watch a short video of the artist explaining how this original watercolour was painted showing more detail.

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Last Light, Muscat

A view of old Muscat that has been taken from a road rarely seen by tourists. 

As the light is fading, the fort becomes illuminated in this oil painting, in contrast to the foreground buildings.


Last Light, Ruwi, Oman

My studio watercolour of Ruwi in Oman is the result of spending many hours making sketchbook studies on location in Oman.

I’ve often risen when it was still dark to make sure I was in the right spot to capture the early morning light, however on this occasion it was a case of being in the right place to record the last throws of the middle eastern sunlight catching the distant hills. Read more....

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