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Angel of the North Sunrise

This original oil painting has been inspired by my personal studies of the Angel of the North in Gateshead and a recent commission to paint this iconic statue by Anthony Gormley.

Observations of many a winter sunrise and unusual cloud formations have helped create a unique painting.

The wings of the angel have been coated with 22 carat gold leaf. Depending on the lighting conditions, the painting takes on a different effect. 

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Bamburgh Castle, Early Morning Walk

A classic view of Northumberland's iconic Bamburgh Castle. This impressive structure is set against a colourful early morning sunrise.

The rising sun is creating sparkles of light on the incoming sea and foreground rocks. This painting is now Sold.

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Bamburgh, Winters Walk

This stunning original watercolour of Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland was based on a smaller study painted on location one beautiful winter's morning.

The beach was practically deserted apart from one couple enjoying the sunrise.

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Dark Skies over a Big River

I've often observed dark threatening clouds hang omniously over the River Tyne with sunlight bursting through, creating patches of light reflected on the water.

Watercolour is the ideal medium to capture these fleeting moments of nature.

This simple but effective watercolour has been painted on hand made paper from Fabriano in Italy. I've been to the Fabriano paper Mill in the Marches region of Italy on two occasions to purchase their beautiful paper and leather bound sketchbooks.

The rough texture of the paper is ideal for creating the dark moody clouds to contrast the bright light sparkling on the River Tyne. 

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Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

Grey Street always makes an attractive scene for a Christmas Card.

A limited palette has been used to capture the bleakness of a winter's day in Newcastle, the shoppers taking refuge under their umbrellas and the beauty of Grey Street, described by the architectural critic Sir Nickolaus Pevsner as "one of the finest streets in England".

Also available as a Christmas Card.

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Lindisfarne Priory, Holy Island

Holy Island is an unique place. The fact that it is cut off from the mainland at high tide adds to its attraction.

Several years ago I was commissioned by a gentleman to do a watercolour painting of Lindisfarne Priory as it held special memories for him.

This is only the second time I've painted the Priory. It's a small watercolour study capturing the ancient ruins of Lindisfarne Priory bathed in summer evening sunlight, painted on hand made paper.

English Heritage



River Tyne Sunset

One of my first commissions when I went self employed as an artist back in 1984 was from a major North East Company who asked me to do some paintings capturing the industry on the Tyne.

This is a more recent work based on the reference I gathered from the banks of the Tyne back in the 1980's. The big sky which features a winter sunset adds drama to a scene that captures a bygone era.

It's a very big watercolour by any standards so keeping control over large fluid washes is very demanding, particularly when using strong contrasing colours.

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Saddler Street, Durham

This original watercolour painting has been inspired by my many painting trips to the picturesque city of Durham. The walk up Saddler Street takes you to Durham Cathedral.

The wintery sky is reflected in the cobbled street where shoppers bring life and activity to the scene.


Seaton Sluice, Northumberland

Earlier this summer I painted a small sketchbook watercolour painting of Seaton Sluice, a picturesque harbour on the North East Coast.

As well as being a family day out, it was a typical summers day in the north east, patches of blue sky with sunlight bursting through dark threatening clouds.

I decided to work the sketch up into a larger 14” x 10” studio painting on an Arches Watercolour Block which I made a video of showing the different stages. You can watch the video here on YouTube.