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Casalalta, Umbria, Italy

As you drive up the busy winding road to the Relais il Canalicchio in Umbria, Italy you will be struck by this typical small Umbrian village perched on a smaller hill below you.  

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Florence from Piazza Michelangelo

The view of Florence from Piazza Michelangelo is spectacular. From this high vantage point you get a wonderful panoramic view of the city renowned for its art and culture. Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizzi and the Duomo can all be seen as a testimony to its rich creative history.

Over the years I've painted several watercolours "en plein air" both in winter and summer. This watercolour captures the distinctive skyline seen here in fading sunlight.

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Florence from San Miniato Original

The church of San Miniato provides an excellent vantage point to view the Duomo in Florence. The cathedral church is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the dome remains the largest brick dome ever constructed. This studio painting is based on a sketch painted on location in February.


Grand Canal, Venice

A romantic watercolour painting of Venice in the early morning light. When one paints the Grand Canal in Venice from the Accademia Bridge, one is aware of the many great artists who have painted it before.

The challenge is to interpret this classic scene in a way which captures the light, romance, and beauty of Venice.

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Il Campo, Siena

The last time we visited Siena in Tuscany I spent time painting Il Campo in my tiny sketchbook. These studies painted on location have been the inspiration for this larger watercolour.

A wash of Raw Sienna has been used to set the tone and mood for the warm base colour of the distinctive architecture.

The figures basking in the warm Tuscan sun add to the lively scene. The wash of pale blue for the sky provides the necessary space for the eye to rest.


Roman Forum, First Light

I rose just after 5am to paint a small watercolour in my sketchbook to capture the first rays of sunlight catching the ancient columns of the temple ruins.

Even though you can't go inside the Roman Forum at this time in the morning, it's possibly the best time of the day to see this historic site as there are no crowds to battle past and there is a distinct peace and calmness to the city. The early morning light brings a golden hue to the architectural ruins.

This original watercolour has been painted on hand made Fabriano paper from Italy. The rough texture of the paper brings out the translucency of the pigments.

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The Jester, Venetian Carnival

The Venetian Carnival is a spectacle of colour, costume and characters from Venice's past. I've witnessed it on several occasions and sketched the almost theatre like activity.

"The Jester" posed for me at the end of a gondola jetty in the cold wintery Venetian fog. 

This original painting is also available as a limited edition print.

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The Pink House - after Seago

One of my favourite artists is Edward Seago who died in 1974. His simple yet effective watercolours are a delight to behold.

Sometimes when teaching a watercolour class I demonstrate Seago's techniques for the pupils to try and emulate. His methods are not as simple as they look, however it's still worth attempting to copy a Seago to try and learn from the master.

I've been to  Venice on numerous occasions and painted scenes like this working directly onto hand made paper with my brush loaded with colour.



Todi, Umbria

On our painting holidays in Italy we take our guests to the various hilltop towns that are a feature of Umbria. 

This watercolour was inspired by a sketchbook watercolour painted on location in a picturesque town called Todi which we have been to on a number of occasions.

Using a combination of the sketch, a simple pen drawing and photographs I decided to paint the scene as a larger A4 watercolour painting on hand made deckled edged paper.

You can watch a video of how I painted the watercolour here on YouTube.