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Roman Baths Interior

The Roman Baths in the City of Bath are well worth a visit. I’ve painted a number of sketchbook watercolours over the years which have provided me with plenty of inspiration to paint a series of studio paintings.

In this painting of the Roman Baths I’ve retained the loose, direct brush marks that I made in my sketchbook observations. These in turn, have ensured that the studio painting didn’t become sterile and lifeless.

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Saddler Street, Durham

This original watercolour painting has been inspired by my many painting trips to the picturesque city of Durham. The walk up Saddler Street takes you to Durham Cathedral.

The wintery sky is reflected in the cobbled street where shoppers bring life and activity to the scene.


St Paul's Cathedral, London

A lively watercolour showing the magnificent Cathedral under a burst of sunlight. 

The figures have been loosely rendered to suggest movement and busyness and also to provide a sense of scale and heightened drama to the scene.

 A limited palette helps to retain simplicity to what could easily become an overly cluttered composition because of the detail in the architecture.


The Royal Pump Room, Harrogate

The Royal Pump Room is a Grade II listed building in Harrogate. It was formerly a spa water pump house. Today it houses the town's museum.

In this watercolour I've retained the pools of autumnal light falling oin the warm stone that I had captured in a sketckchbook watercolour painted on location one afternoon.

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