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Bristol Cathedral

Bristol Cathedral is one of England's great medieval churches.


Buckingham Palace with Gold Leaf

Painting on Gold Leaf is a rewarding experience. I've painted a number of works on Gold Leaf including a portrait of my wife Susan.

For this scene of Buckingham Palace viewed from Green Park, I've chosen to adopt an Art Deco style using just 6 colours. The gold leaf acts as an extra colour providing a strong light source for the foreground shadows. 

To enquire about this original watercolour painting please contact

Watch a video showing the effects of gold leaf on the painting close up


Burnham Overy Staithe, Norfolk

This watercolour was painted on location at Burnham Over Staithe early in the morning at low tide and with a dramatic sky.  

I made several very pleasurable trips to this tranquil spot in Norfolk so I could paint "en plein air". 


Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge spanning the Avon Gorge and the River Avon is a wonderful piece of engineering.

I painted a small sketchbook watercolour on location late one afternoon which was the catalyst for this large studio painting.

Loose, fluid washes of subtle greys provide the perfect contrast for the more deliberate, precise brushmarks that indicate the detailed engineering.


London Eye Watercolour

Many of the elements which I love to paint all seem to come together in this watercolour of the London Eye, architecture, beautiful London skies and sunlight being reflected in water.  

To see closer detail of this watercolour, Alan will demonstrate Here.



Mount Street Gardens

Mount Street Gardens is a very quiet, peaceful public garden in Mayfair, London created in 1889. When I first came across it I was immediately struck by its calm, tranquil atmosphere. 

The warm afternoon sunlight was forming dappled areas of sunlight and shadows. There was little sound of the traffic, only the birds which have made Mount Street Gardens their home. I wasted little time in getting out my sketchbook to make some simple watercolour studies. 


Piccadilly, London

An original watercolour painting inspired by a sketchbook watercolour painted on location capturing September afternoon sunlight.

In this studio painting I've wanted to retain the warmth of colour and the overall freshness of the "en plain air" study.

You can watch a video of this painting as I talk through the different stages of producing this watercolour. 

This painting is now SOLD


Regent Street, Christmas Shopping

London with its Christmas lights looks stunning. In 2016 I was inspired by seeing Regent Street lit up by Angels twinkling along the length of the street.

The effects of artificial light can be tricky to capture in watercolour but if you get it right it can look really dramatic, especially when you add plenty of figures to create movement.


Roman Baths by Torch Light

A Fine Art Original Painting of the Roman Baths in torchlight.

Inside this awesome building by the light of the flickering torches you can walk around the old pavements with a magical sense of ancient times past.

2010 1st runner up in "The Bath Prize" with his original painting of "The Royal Crescent, Bath".

"The Roman Baths by Torchlight" was also highly commended.