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Florence from San Miniato Original

The church of San Miniato provides an excellent vantage point to view the Duomo in Florence. The cathedral church is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the dome remains the largest brick dome ever constructed. This studio painting is based on a sketch painted on location in February.


Grand Canal, Venice

A romantic watercolour painting of Venice in the early morning light. When one paints the Grand Canal in Venice from the Accademia Bridge, one is aware of the many great artists who have painted it before.

The challenge is to interpret this classic scene in a way which captures the light, romance, and beauty of Venice.

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Grassmarket, Edinburgh

I first painted this scene back in 1993, a painting that was reproduced as a limited edition print that quickly sold out.

This new lively watercolour of the Grassmarket in Edinburgh is loaded with contrasts. Bright warm sunlight catching the ancient stonework is creating dark cold shadows on the road, architecture and the foreground. figures.

Edinburgh Castle, although quite small in comparrison to the othere elements in the painting, nevertheless still looks imposing and impressive.


Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

Grey Street always makes an attractive scene for a Christmas Card.

A limited palette has been used to capture the bleakness of a winter's day in Newcastle, the shoppers taking refuge under their umbrellas and the beauty of Grey Street, described by the architectural critic Sir Nickolaus Pevsner as "one of the finest streets in England".

Also available as a Christmas Card.

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Haar on the Forth, Edinburgh, Scotland

Over the years I have painted many bridges. Probably the most dramatic is the Forth Rail Bridge that spans the Firth of Forth. This spectacular view from North Queensferry looking south depicts the bridge rising majestically out of the haar like a Brontosaurus appearing out of some prehistoric swamp.

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Il Campo, Siena

The last time we visited Siena in Tuscany I spent time painting Il Campo in my tiny sketchbook. These studies painted on location have been the inspiration for this larger watercolour.

A wash of Raw Sienna has been used to set the tone and mood for the warm base colour of the distinctive architecture.

The figures basking in the warm Tuscan sun add to the lively scene. The wash of pale blue for the sky provides the necessary space for the eye to rest.


Iona Abbey

A dramatic original watercolour of the historic island of Iona depicting the abbey silhouetted against a sky full of contrasting clouds.

I spent several days on the island of Mull sketching in watercolour on location. My time spent on Mull included a trip to the smaller island of Iona where I managed only one sketch because of the rain.


Jebel Akhdar

Jebel Akhdar (Green Mountain) in Oman. This Original painting won "The Artist's Prize" in the Royal Watercolour Society Competition for 2013.

I've been a couple of times and made number of sketchbook Studies which can be seen in my reproduction "Sketch Book of Oman".

The locals grow pomegranates on the terraces which are watered by an ancient yet efficient irrigation system called Falaj.

Watch a short video of the artist explaining how this original watercolour was painted showing more detail.

A limited edition print available, please contact for details.+44 (0)1661 871800

This original painting is now SOLD


Last Light, Ruwi, Oman

My studio watercolour of Ruwi in Oman is the result of spending many hours making sketchbook studies on location in Oman.

I’ve often risen when it was still dark to make sure I was in the right spot to capture the early morning light, however on this occasion it was a case of being in the right place to record the last throws of the middle eastern sunlight catching the distant hills. Read more....

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