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Angel of the North, Gateshead

The Tyne Bridge used to be the symbol of the North East which people looked to, as they travelled home. Now it’s the Gateshead Angel of the North as they drive past along the A1.

This iconic image was created by the artist Anthony Gormley and was erected in 1998.

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Bikes in Amsterdam

One of the distinctive aspects of Amsterdam is the amount of bikes that are chained up to railings throughout the city.

On one of the evenings I was able to get suitable reference as the sun was going down to produce this painting of "Bikes in Amsterdam"

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Flatiron Building, New York

When first constructed in 1902, the Flatiron Building was one of the tallest buildings in the American city of New York.  It has become an iconic image of the city, situated on famous Fifth Avenue.

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Morgan Poster

Ken Reed painted this morgan poster while waiting for a delivery of a new 4/4 4 seater in 1975. 

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New York, Dusk

A view of the Empire State Building taken from the top of the Rock at dusk.

The building remained the world's tallest for 40 years after it's construction in 1931 and still remains one of the most iconic images of New York city and of America.

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Where there’s fish, you will find pelicans nearby!




South Beach

This print of South Beach in Florida was taken from a small watercolour which I painted on location in my leatherbound sketch book, as the strong winds blew rain clouds towards me.

I had no sooner finished when the heavens opened.

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The Arch, St Louis, USA

The Arch dominates the skyline of St Louis in Missouri, the gateway to the west.

The monument is 192 metres high and is the tallest monument in America.

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Waiting for Lunch.

Pelicans sit waiting for any scraps of fish discarded by the fishermen preparing their catch in Florida.