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Durham v Ampleforth

An important game to record in memory of Noel Shearing.

It has been an outstanding year for Durham School and only the 5thtime the 1st XV has been undefeated in their regular season since rugby started at the school in 1850. 

More information on Alan's Blog





Highbury Football Memories

Arsenal football (The Gunners) painting on the last day of the Premiership Match which was played at Highbury on 7th May 2006


London Eye

Many of the elements of the London Eye which I love to paint all seem to come together in this watercolour, architecture, skies and sunlight being reflected in water. See detailed image.

The original painting is available please contact here: London Eye.


Manchester in the Snow

A very “wet on wet” study of the Printworks and Urbis building in the city of Manchester, a technique which helped to capture something of the mood and atmosphere of the city on a wet snowy day.



Pump Room, Bath

Pump Room in the Snow is a large studio watercolour based on studies I’ve made on location in Bath. On this particular day there was heavy rain, however I was able to turn the elements to my advantage by using some of my studies of figures holding umbrellas in this painting of the Pump Room in Bath.  

The painting was included in a tweet that was voted as an #SBS winner by @TheoPaphitis


Royal Albert Hall

London's most iconic venue - Royal Albert Hall

I'm very much attracted to fine, beautifully designed buildings. Painting them means that you end up looking much more intensely to their architectural features and appreciating them all the more.

I first painted the Royal Albert Hall in 2005 and sold the original watercolour to a famous opera singer. I recently decided to paint a much larger study which is now available as this limited edition print.

You can watch a short video of me painting two of the figures in the painting on YouTube.


Royal Crescent, Bath

Taken from the original watercolour painting based on sketches made on location depicting the majestic sweeping curve of the Royal Crescent in Bath.

Larger sizes and framed available please Contact


Thames Sunrise, London

Over the years I have spent considerable time studying sunrises and the way light affects cityscapes.

This painting of the Thames showing the city of London skyline is the fruit of such studies.

Available framed and in larger sizes please contact


Thank you so much for your prompt response. We worked in the City of London and on the Thames (my husband was a Tug captain) for most of our working lives and you are quite right the skyline has changed - but your paintings of the river and the city under a "moody" sky is still a typical scene enjoyed by so many Londeners every day of their working lives as they cross Waterloo Bridge.Dear Alan

Your painting is in our Sitting Room above the fireplace and gives us daily pleasure- thank you so much!

Best wishes and kind regards,  Mr & Mrs P - London



The Shambles, York

I love the narrow streets looking into bright sunlight with people pressing through the Shambles in York creating long shadows.

Larger sizes available please Contact