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Sycamore Gap Print

Sycamore Gap Watercolour: A Farewell Tribute to an Iconic Tree

In the realm of natural landmarks, some trees etch themselves into our collective memory with their beauty and significance. One such tree was the Sycamore Gap, a striking symbol of resilience nestled along Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland. Unfortunately, in September 2023, this iconic tree was cut down, but its memory lives on through a beautiful […]

Tyne Bridges

Newcastle Quayside

Tyne Bridge Print I regularly have online sales from folk wanting a print of the Tyne Bridge. Orders come in from all over the world. Since my first print of one of my Tyne Bridge Paintings, I’ve had to publish quite a number of different versions. These scenes have been taken from all kinds of […]



  Original Watercolour Paintings My Christmas Exhibition opened up on Saturday 11th December. The exhibition features new original paintings and limited edition prints that I’ve painted in-between painting commissions. Despite COVID restrictions, I’ve never been so busy, juggling my painting business with the Outreach work I do for North East Charity Junction 42.  Online sales […]

Sunlight in Venice

Sunlight Paintings in Venice

Paintings of Venice Venice is a magical city. There are so many amazing views of Venice that have been captured in paint. There are the obvious ones of St Mark’s Square and the Grand Canal, but then you have the quiet canals that are so distinctive. Sunlight in Venice is of a small canal not […]

Holy Island Prints

Holy Island, Low Tide

Holy Island In a previous blog post I wrote about a quick trip to Holy Island so that I could get new reference for a painting project. Crossing at Low Tide on the causeway gives you an immense feeling of space and the vastness of the landscape. I was aware that the time was against […]

Beadnell harbour

Beadnell Harbour on the Northumbrian Coast

Northumbrian Coast I’ve been working on a large painting project to refurbish a clients property on the Northumbrian Coast. The theme is entered on some of the castles and the small boats that grace Northumberland’s picturesque harbours. Although I do have quite a collection of prints of Northumberland, I felt it would enrich the range […]

Walking on Water

Dreaming Of Walking on Water

A dream Last year I had a dream where I was underwater. There were all kinds of fish swimming around. I seemed to be aware that there were two people walking on the surface of the water. When I woke up, I decided to paint the scene for a painting project whilst the image was […]

Painting of Alnmouth Estuary

Original Watercolour of Alnmouth Estuary in Northumberland

Paintings of Northumberland I’ve been asked to supply a number of my limited edition prints of Northumberland for a property at Alnmouth. These are the types of project which I really enjoy, using my work to help create a space of rest and atmosphere. Alnmouth is a small town situated on the Northumbrian coast. After […]

20th Anniversary

April marks the 20th Anniversary of It’s hard for me to believe that my domain name dates back to the 20th Century! I knew very  little about the world wide web in those days but it only took a few weeks for me to realise the value of having a website to promote my business. […]

Theatre Royal in Winter

Painting of the Theatre Royal I’ve just released a new print of the Theatre Royal in Winter. In 2008 I released one of my most successful limited edition prints titled “Theatre Royal in the Snow”. The appeal lay partly in the monochromatic colours that were punctuated by the little girl wearing the red coat. She […]