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Angel Sunset

A new limited edition print of the Angel of the North against the backdrop of a blood red sunset sky setting over the Team Valley in Gateshead.

The original painting was specially commissioned as an oil painting on canvas. The wings of the angel were coated with 22carat gold leaf.

This print for £195 unframed is reproduced on paper without gold leaf.

A number of canvas prints are also available which are hand embellished with gold leaf. Click on link below for details.

Angel Sunset with Gold Leaf

The photograph of the room setting is the original oil painting which has gold leaf on the wings which gives you an idea of how a hand embellished canvas print with gold leaf will look like.

Other sizes available both on paper and canvas.


Angel Sunset with Gold Leaf

Taken from an original oil painting of the Angel of the North. 

This original limited edition canvas print is hand embellished with 22 carat Gold Leaf on the Angel's wings. 

Each canvas print has areas which have been hand painted with oil paint by the artist.

In 2018 the Gateshead Angel is celebrating it's 20 birthday.


Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

The beach at Bamburgh has recently been described as one of "England's greatest treasures." 

Available in other sizes please contact


Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

My painting of Bamburgh Castle has proved to be an immensely popular scene of this iconic castle.

There can be few castles that boast such a commanding view of beautiful unspoilt beaches.

Over the years I've painted the castle early morning on location at dawn where you are one of only a handful a folk on the beach.

Other sizes available please Contact



Bamburgh Castle, Winter Sunrise

A watercolour study painted on location one cold spring morning was the inspiration for this studio painting.

A sequence of washes, mainly of Lemon Yellow and Rose Madder have helped to create the atmosheric backdrop of the famous Northumbrian castle at Bamburgh.

The couple walking their dog bring a sense of scale to the painting.

This print is available in the larger size 495mm x 345mm for £155 unframed. Please telephone +44 (0) 1661 871 800 to order.


Belsay Castle, Northumberland

The stone from which Belsay Castle and Hall are made from turns a delightfully warm honey colour in the summer evening sunlight.

Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens are well worth a visit anytime in the year.

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Bikes in Amsterdam

One of the distinctive aspects of Amsterdam is the amount of bikes that are chained up to railings throughout the city.

On one of the evenings I was able to get suitable reference as the sun was going down to produce this painting of "Bikes in Amsterdam"

Larger sizes available, please Contact or telephone +44 (0) 1661 871 800 to order.


Buckingham Palace from Green Park, London

A beautiful giclee print of Buckingham Palace from Grren Park.

Larger sizes available. Please contact.


"Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. I love the low sun and the way nature produces a wonderful change in the colour of the leaves". 


Central Arcade, Newcastle

So many people in the North east have fond memories of the Central Arcade in Newcastle as they relate it to their shopping sprees at J.C.Windows, a music shop which still thrives to this day.

The arcade was bulit in 1906 and is a fine example of Edwardian architecture and design.

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Many thanks for the complimentary 'Theatre Royal at night' print.I am a great fan of your work and first came across it a few years ago when in Newcastle. I bought a print of  Central Arcade, as I always loved the Arcade when I was growing up. I was brought up in Darras Hall and moved to London when I was 18. The Central Arcade picture I ordered from you last month is a wedding present for one of my best friends, who grew up in Medburn. Although most of us from school are now down here, we visit the North East when possible. The whole package of the Newcastle, Northumberland, the people, football on match days can't be found anywhere else in the world.I hope to visit your gallery when up there later in the year.

Many thanks, Joanna H -  Ealing, London