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Ken Reed

Ken Reed

Ken Reed
The Glen, East Links by Ken Reed

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

As spring approaches, I’m feeling apprehensive about the year ahead. My father Ken Reed’s health has been deteriorating through a cruel but rare neurological condition called Progressive supranuclear palsy.

We first noticed its effects almost 10 years ago when my father’s speech became slightly slow and more deliberate. He used to love singing and had a wonderful voice as a tenor. He was in a local choir but had to give it up. Since COVID my dad has completely lost the ability to speak. Just over a couple of years ago we were able to enjoy a joint 80th birthday celebration for my mum and dad in London. Despite not being able to speak, he was able to join in on the conversations through an App on his mobile. However, over the last few weeks, he has lost the ability to type effectively on his iPad. He can no longer write which is painfully sad when I look at the beautiful handwriting he used to annotate sketchbooks and course guides.

Dirleton Links Ken Reed
Dirleton Links Course Guide

Golf Paintings

Since the mid 1970’s he has enjoyed tremendous success as the world’s leading golf artist. He’s received numerous painting commissions to paint some of the worlds top golf courses for many of the great players.

His paintings have ranged from exceptional watercolours to stunning oils. His repertoire has included timeless Art Deco style posters for some of the major tournaments.

Golf 2002 Open Muirfield- Ken Reed
Golf 2002 Open Muirfield

My dad’s abilities as a graphic designer are second to none. As well as his vast collection of golf course paintings, posters and prints, he did three classic Art Deco posters depicting Morgan sports cars.

Morgan Sports Cars

Morgan Poster - Ken Reed
Morgan Poster – Ken Reed

Back in the 1970’s Ken Reed helped to create the original designs for the multi million pound brand McKenzie Clothing.which had a 1950’s retro look.

I see my dad several times a week to give him a shave which I know he appreciates. He gives me the thumbs up after I’ve massaged some shaving balm into his skin. Progressive Supranuclear Palsy has made my dad unsteady on his feet. He’s having more frequent falls. Eating is also a problem. My mum patiently feeds him, cutting up his food as swallowing is difficult. He had to give up painting before COVID.

I now process any orders and enquiries that my dad receives. Sadly there are very few signed prints available, only a few original paintings. Recipients of my dad’s work are always delighted with their purchases.

My dad’s health his dating. Happily his work will live on and will be a blessing to golf connoisseurs.


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