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Calvari Steps, Pollenca

Calvari Steps

Calvari Steps Pollenca

Earlier this year I received a commission to paint a client’s holiday home on the island of Mallorca. We went out for a week to enable me do some sketchbook watercolours. They were not just of his property but also of the town of Pollenca. You can read about the sketches in this blog post.

The client was delighted with the watercolour painting of his holiday home. He was also impressed with the sketchbook watercolours I did of the Calvari Steps Pollenca. So he commissioned two further watercolour paintings of these famous steps which lead up to Calvary Chapel that has commanding views of the area. These have now been completed and are now available as limited edition prints.

The first painting takes in the lower part of the 365 steps and captures the start of the small artisan shops in the old town of Pollenca. It’s a real joy having the privilege to paint on location like this. Sitting on the Calvari Steps, taking in the atmosphere allows you to paint the studio watercolour with greater insight and integrity. The second painting is taken from further up and shows the distant hills with incredible views of the island.

I’ve also shown the tall, elegant Cypress trees that frame the steps and provide a welcome shade from the heat. Figures making their way up and down the steps provide scale and life to the composition.

Calvari Steps, Afternoon Light
Calvari Steps, Afternoon Light

Since working on this commission I’ve received further commissions of Mallorca and Spain. We’re planning on going back to Mallorca soon to enable me do more sketchbook work and research for future painting projects. If you have your own favourite view of Mallorca which you would like to commission then please contact me.


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