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Tyne Bridges

Newcastle Quayside

Tyne Bridges
Newcastle Quayside

Tyne Bridge Print

I regularly have online sales from folk wanting a print of the Tyne Bridge. Orders come in from all over the world. Since my first print of one of my Tyne Bridge Paintings, I’ve had to publish quite a number of different versions. These scenes have been taken from all kinds of angles. A popular view is this one taken downstream from the Pitcher and Piano.

You may remember a blog post from May 2022 when I wrote about one of the painting exercises for Junction 42. At the time I was developing a series of watercolour painting projects to go in the Creative Art packs for the UK Prisons. Many of them were local scenes, some landscapes, others seascapes. One of the subjects was this one Newcastle’s Quayside with the Millennium Bridge and Sage.

Watercolour Paints

These watercolour demonstrations have been a hit with the men and women in prison. Even this week I had a chap come into my classroom in the jail. He was asking me for the instructions on how to paint this scene. When I was putting these step by step instructions together, I made a point of using the same materials as the prisoners. It meant that I was using the cheapest of watercolour paints and a brush with virtually no point to it. The paper was poor quality too. However there was no point in me using my usual equipment. If I couldn’t come up with a great result with the materials, then they had no chance.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the results. In fact, I’ve decided to publish this scene featuring the Tyne Bridges and Sage as a limited edition print with only 45 in the edition.

If you are a budding watercolour artist, then why not have a go at this painting? To make it easier for you, you can trace the black and white outline which I’ve added at the end of this post. The rest is down to how well you apply the first three washes of yellow, pink and blue. Enjoy.

Tyne Bridges
Tyne Bridges in Stages
Tyne Bridge
Tyne Bridge Outline
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