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San Gimignano

I often paint watercolours as a Handmade Card for family members or for very special friends. There are some occasions when I do get commissioned to paint a scene as a special card. In September, a close friend was celebrating his 50th birthday. I knew straight away the subject he would connect with. It was a view of San Gimignano which I’d seen over 20 years ago.

In the foreground, a farmer was burning vines to make way for the new. Inside I wrote an appropriate message relating to Chapter 15 of John’s Gospel. I felt was relevant to my friend and I knew he would reflect on it. He really appreciated it.

Handmade Card
Burning the Vines, San Gimignano

Grey Street Painting

It was only a few days later when I was asked to paint another handmade card. This time it was for a gentleman who was stepping down as a trustee for a local charity. The charity, Junction 42, wanted to give him something very special to say thank you and as a reminder of his time on the board.

As the charity was based in Newcastle and the recipient was often in Newcastle, I decided to paint Grey Street on a winter morning. The early morning light catching the Georgian architecture brought a golden quality to the scene. The former trustee was very touched by the card.

Handmade Card
Grey Street, Winter Light

There is an added benefit of giving a handmade card. Unlike most cards which are either put away in a drawer or thrown out, you are in effect, giving the recipient an original painting. After it has been read and enjoyed in the moment, it can then be framed up and hung up.

If you know someone who has a special birthday coming up or a big anniversary or perhaps a wedding or Christmas present, why not consider commissioning a Handmade Card.

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