Holy Island, Low Tide

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Holy Island, Low Tide

Holy Island

In a previous blog post I wrote about a quick trip to Holy Island so that I could get new reference for a painting project. Crossing at Low Tide on the causeway gives you an immense feeling of space and the vastness of the landscape. I was aware that the time was against me because of the incoming tide. I worked rapidly in my sketchbook to gather suitable material. Unfortunately, there weren’t any interesting boats to paint in the bay so I had to rely on reference from other studies at Low Tide.

Back in the studio, I was able to collate my studies to produce a new painting to compliment the other new limited edition prints that my client had purchased.

Northumbrian Coast

I had painted 4 new scenes of the Northumbrian Coast, some at Low Tide, Beadnell Harbour, Winter Light, Alnmouth and One Boat, Alnmouth. These were all painted on handmade watercolour paper with a deckled edge. They are already proving to be popular with other clients. Although each original watercolour is only A4 in size, they also look really dramatic and effective when enlarged. Several have been published as large as 29″ x 21″ image size. When framed in a deep edged mount in a natural oak frame, they look very striking with their vivid colours and dramatic skies.

North East

Despite COVID and not being able to travel to Italy, we’ve been able to make the most of working around the region. I’ve really appreciated more than ever, the beauty of where we live, here in the North East. Even though I feel as though I know this part of the UK well, I realise that there is so much more to discover. I’ve also seen through social media posts, that more and more folk are exploring our region too. If you haven’t been to Holy Island yet, then I recommend a trip. Make sure you check safe crossing times at Low Tide though.


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