Benefits of Painting

Benefits of Painting
Venice Painting in progress

Painting from Life

I was recently asked to contribute to a blog post highlighting the Benefits of Painting. Snippets were taken from this piece below which I wrote for them.
Painting has many benefits for those who have decided to take it up, even those who are older. Many folk are creative but perhaps struggle to find ways of expressing it. Painting can provide the necessary outlet for that hidden gift.
Painting, particularly when it’s from life, can help you become more visually aware and will stimulate the brain. It also helps the hand to eye co-ordination. I personally find that I will often “draw” with a brush and paint, working directly with the brush onto either paper or canvas. This very spontaneous, direct approach can result in a very expressive and attractive painting that is fun to do. You can see in the photograph above that I’ve used my sketchbook watercolour for ideas in my studio painting.

Art Class

The simple pleasure of painting can be a fulfilling experience and rewarding. Of course it can be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing, but joining an art class or receiving expert tuition will help to tackle the frustrations.
Benefits of Painting can also provide a focus and purpose during lockdown. Painting can open up your imagination to exciting expressions at a time when the news can bring fear.


Being part of an art class or painting club can bring a sense of community and belonging which can help to overcome loneliness and social anxiety.
There are many folk who have taken up painting to discover that their paintings are liked by others and they are able to sell their work. Even though you may not sell your paintings, the other Benefits of Painting are worth the effort.

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