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I’ve recently acquired my third original painting through the Artist Support Pledge. I spent a while waiting for the right painting to turn up before seeing the work of an Italian artist who goes under the name of Rosso Art.  Rosso had posted an original painting on her Instagram account rossoartist which was available through the Artist Support Pledge. I would have bought it but it had just been snapped up 20 minutes earlier. I sent Rosso a direct message to see if she had any other work available. She showed me this lovely portrait of a young black girl. It was larger than the paintings she had available through the Artist Support Pledge, so it was more than £200. However, it was just what I wanted so I was happy to pay the extra, knowing that it was still helping a fellow artist during COVID 19 pandemic.


Rosso’s work is very different from my own. She is an award-winning portrait artist who brings intimacy and character to her colourful paintings. Italian born, Rosso lives and works in London since 2004. She graduated in Political Science in Italy then obtained an MA in International Communications and Human Rights at City University in London (UK). She worked in marketing and advertising before changing her career direction to the visual arts.
Rosso trained briefly at the Royal Drawing School and at the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA) in London, but is primarily a self-taught artist.

You can see how her style and technique is developing and changing through her Instagram account. I particularly like her use of strong vivid background colours. Thay contrast beautifully against the deep, rich skin tones of her striking portraits.


I’m continuing to upload some of my previously unseen original watercolours onto the Artist Support Pledge page on my website. Even though COVID 19 restrictions are gradually being lifted, it will be a while before the art scene will return to where it was at before lockdown. I still feel it’s important to continue to support artist who rely on selling paintings as their primary source of income.

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