Paintings North Shields

Paintings North Shields
Artist Support Pledge

Artist support pledge

1. North Shields, Fishing

2. North Shields, Fading Light

They are 12” x 9” (unframed) and they are both painted in watercolour.

They are £200, If interested please send me a direct message. 

Once I sell 5 of my paintings, I pledge to buy another artists work.

River Tyne

Paintings North Shields is the theme of this post. The painting of the three lads putting bait on their fishing rods was inspired by a smaller watercolour sketch painted on location. I recall looking into the late afternoon sunlight, working with a limited palette. Low sunlight is sparkling on the River Tyne. Dramatic cloud shapes take your eyes towards the focal point, creating a strong composition.

Paintings North Shields
North Shields, Fishing

North Shields, Fading Light is the title of the other painting. One of my first painting commissions was back in the mid 1980’s. A client wanted two watercolours of the River Tyne. A few years ago I re-visited this reference and was taken by this view of the harbour with just a few boats berthed. Seagulls silhouetted against the dark clouds provide a sense of scale and mood to the scene. Paintings North Shields allows me to combine a number of my favourite subjects, skies, water, figures and boats.

Paintings North Shields
North Shields, Fading Light


This generous strategy was initiated by Matthew Burrows @matthewburrowsstudio and it has been successful in helping artists worldwide.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists have found themselves without their usual work like teaching, technical support and gallery work. Exhibitions and sales have disappeared. 

In an attempt to help alleviate some of this stress Martin Burrows has instigated the ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE #artistsupportpledge

The concept is simple but beautiful. Artists post images of their work on Instagram which they are willing to sell for no more than £200 each. This is not including shipping. 

You don’t have to be an artist to buy the work. Every time an artist reaches £1000 of sales, they pledge to spend £200 on another artists work. I’m looking forward to helping support a fellow artist by buying one of their paintings. The difficulty will be deciding who to pick!


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