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COVID 19 Montepulciano
Sketchbook Watercolour of Montepulciano

Covid 19

It’s with great sadness that we’ve had to cancel our Painting Holiday in Umbria this year due to COVID 19. Of course, the sadness is completely eclipsed by the news of thousands of deaths, not just in Italy but around the world. So many of us are at risk and have been told to stay at home. Susan and I made the decision on Mother’s Day to self-isolate as Susan is on immune suppressants. This has huge implications on how we live our lives over the next few months. 

At this point in time, we can’t even say if we will be able to book any Painting Holidays for 2021. COVID 19 has already caused so much disruption to everyday life. Simple things like going shopping has to be thought through with so much more planning.

COVID 19 Olive Tree
Watercolour of an Olive Tree painted on location.

Painting Holiday

The idea of teaching our guests how to paint an olive tree seems a million miles away. For now, folk are going to have to make do with some of the resources I’ve posted on YouTube. Some of my videos have been inspired by our trips to Umbria, like this one of me using sketches painted on location to do a painting of Todi. Also, this one of me painting an olive tree.

Chiesa del Carmine

My blog also has posts and resources relating to Painting Holidays and Painting on location which you may find helpful.

I know that some of our guests are using their own studies and photographs to continue their painting disciplines. Many of them have quite a body of sketchbook drawings and paintings from our trips out to places like Montone, Assisi and Todi. Some of the guests have painted in and around the grounds of Chiesa del Carmine including subjects like terracotta vases.

Vasi di Terracotta COVID 19
Vasi di Terracotta

British Government

We hope and pray that the British Government have acted quickly enough and that the public will do all they can to minimum the spread of COVID 19.

Our gallery in Ponteland is officially closed, however we are still currently operating online from

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