Great Review from a Client

Arch of Titus
Arch of Titus, Rome


I’ve been working on a number of painting commissions of Rome for a new client. Last week I sent out one of the paintings so I was very pleased to receive the following review today for the original watercolour of “The Arch of Titus”.

This particular painting is based on a sketchbook study painted on location and a number of photographs. I felt that it was important to take care in capturing the Latin inscription and the scene under the arch itself that shows the spoils of Jerusalem. However, it was also important to retain the spontaneity of the sketchbook study too.

In a painting like this, it’s really important to get the angle right and to capture the scene at the right time of day to maximise the effect of light on the architecture.

It’s such an encouragement when you receive such a wonderful review from a client. This particular client did go on to commission several other larger watercolour paintings of Rome to add to his growing collection.

“Dear Alan,
I fear singing your praises as you may decide to raise your price for future work.
But worthy praise should be given heartily and your work is spectacular – worthy of the Emperor himself!
Thank you.
I look forward to the forum and other works.
Enjoy the weekend.”


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