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John Singer Sargent Watercolour Book

One of my Christmas presents from 2013 was this lovely book on John Singer Sargent’s Watercolours. The book was published to celebrate a wonderful exhibition of one of America’s finest artists at the Brooklyn Museum in New York and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston over the last few months.

John Singer Sargent Watercolours is available from Amazon. It contains 175 colour illustrations tracing Sargent’s painting trips across Europe and the Middle East as he explored the themes and subjects that truly interested him and recorded them with such skill in watercolour.

Sargent really took painting “en plein air” in watercolour to a new level as he tackled subjects as varied as figurative to landscape and boats to gardens.

The book contains some very informative biographical essays and fascinating studies into his watercolour technique which any student of this most difficult of mediums will find both insightful and inspirational.

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