Painting of Burnham Overy Mill

Burnham Very Mill
Burnham Overy Mill Painted on Location

Burnham Overy Mill was painted on location in Norfolk. It proved to be a mini inspirational homage to one of my painting heroes Edward Seago. Like Seago, I was captivated by the distinctive flat landscape and “big skies” punctuated by windmills, sailing vessels and trees.

I would rise early in the morning before the family woke up so I could spend an hour or so painting directly, without any preparatory pencil drawing, into my handmade sketchbook and Arches watercolour block. As one study was drying, I would alternate to the other until both were completed. Two hours later I was back at the cottage cooking breakfast!

I also painted the same view again but at sunset. Sunsets are more challenging as the light changes and fades quickly. By the time you have managed to capture the sky, you are losing the light. Despite the difficulties, it’s always worth having a go at painting a sunset. You will find that you have to work quicker and you have to simplify the scene which is not a bad thing.

It is one of many watercolours painted on location “en plein air” in September 2009. The watercolour of Burnham Overy Mill was painted on the Arches 14″ x 10″ block can be seen at my Studio & Gallery in Ponteland.

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