St Mary’s Church

An exhibition of paintings inspired by the Lindisfarne Gospels and Holy Island starts 25-28th July at St Mary’s Church Hall, Ponteland. 12 artists from the Network Artists, Ponteland Hub will be showcasing their work including yours truly. Over the last few weeks I’ve made a couple of trips to Holy Island to do some paintings … Read more

Windmills in Holland

Since painting windmills on location in Norfolk, I’ve enjoyed tacking this unusual subject matter. Earlier this year I travelled to Holland to work on some painting commissions for a client. The client wanted some scenes that were typically Dutch. My research took me to this particular scene where I did two small watercolours on Arches … Read more

Painting Holiday In Umbria

    Residential painting holiday in the heart of Italy with professional watercolour artist Alan Reed Luxury Villa in Umbria The accommodation sits on the 1,000-hectare private Antognolla estate, amid gentle rolling hills and centuries old Cypresses. stands at the top of the Antognolla Valley, looking down to the magnificent castle and across the championship … Read more

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