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“It’s a Big River” Exhibition

North Shields FishQuay Print
North Shields Fish Quay

“It’s a Big River” is an exhibition at my Studio & Gallery in Ponteland which is one of many events taking place throughout June across the region for the Festival of the North East.

Over the last few months I’ve been painting various scenes of life on the River Tyne, from where the North Tyne and the South Tyne meet at Warden to North Shields. The painting above titled North Shields Fish Quay, is one of several original watercolours on view until 29th June. Prints also available.

I first painted the river Tyne back in the mid 1980’s. It was a commission for a well known north east businessman. This painting captures the last light of a winter sun catching the sea battered hull of a fishing trawler. The golden light is being reflected in the icy cold waters of the River Tyne.

Wisps of smoke are coming from the engines of the trawlers. The soft edges of the smoke offer a gentle contrast to the harder edges of the architecture. The red buoy stands out against the dark shadows providing further interest. This is one of  a few paintings where I’ve also included lettering. Port of Tyne can be seen in one of the background buildings. There’s also lettering on the hull of the first trawler. The detailed lettering also contrasts nicely with the freer brushstrokes in the Big River.

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