Festival of the North East

North East
North Shields, Masts

Festival of the North East is a regional event throughout the month of June. It’s an eclectic mix of art, exhibitions, dance, theatre, music and much more.

My contribution to the festival is an exhibition titled “It’s a Big River”. I’ve been painting various scenes of the River Tyne for over thirty years. It’s a career where I have been capturing its iconic bridges, the industry and breathtaking scenery. This exhibition brings together these changing views of the River Tyne. From the point where the North and South Tyne meet in Northumberland to where the river meets the sea at Tynemouth.

I’ve spent time traveling along the banks of the Tyne with my watercolours and sketchbook in hand observing and recording the seasons, different times of day and the industry and commerce of the River Tyne. The painting above titled “North Shields, Masts” is the result of one of my trips to North Shields.

I never tire of painting this famous river with all its landmarks. In my paintings I aim to capture the heart and spirit of the region. I’m so grateful that so many of my customers connect with my paintings.

The exhibition starts Saturday 1st June-29th June at my Studio & Gallery in Ponteland.

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