Grey Street Painting

Grey Street Print
Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

My first limited edition print of Newcastle was of Grey Street published almost 20 years ago. It was an immediate hit my customers. I recently discovered that I had a handful of copies left which are currently available from

Rather than me describe the scene of Grey Street, I thought I’d use this unprompted description by Lex Loizides, a friend and evangelist who writes excellent blog posts on Church history.

“So many contrasts in one painting! You have the languid, relaxed, sunny morning, somehow epitomised in the flag. Then you have the permanence of the historic buildings with both an optimistic stateliness and a kind of foreboding one. Then you have the no-nonsense bustle of folk swiftly moving to work, united in their haste yet alone. And then this lovely little group of pigeons pecking away. It’s a stunning painting Alan. You should be nationally recognised!”

Thank you Lex!













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