Ponteland Paintings

1 Main Street, Ponteland

The watercolour above is a scene in Ponteland I first painted back in 1980 when I was an art student. I remember selling the original watercolour to one of my lecturers at the time. Little did I know that 23 years later I would have a Studio & Gallery 2003-2008 upstairs in the building on the right hand side of the painting.

The move was only mean to be for a couple of years. However we managed to stay there for five and a half years. Although quite cramped, it was a hand place to work from. It was only 15 minutes walk from our home on Cheviot View. Before we relocated again, we decided to build a new studio & Gallery in our home. We now have much more space to exhibit the paintings. I also have a much larger studio to paint in with better lighting.

I’ve reproduced the watercolour as a limited edition print. You can see it at my Studio & Gallery which is now at our home in Ponteland, 17 Cheviot View, just a short walk from Dobbies Garden Centre.

I also have paintings of St Mary’s Church in Ponteland. Over the years I’ve also painted many winter landscapes of the countryside around Ponteland.

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