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Paintings of Kuwait

Mubarakiyya Souk
Entrance to the Mubarakiyya Souk, Kuwait


In the late spring of 2009 I had an exhibition of my watercolour paintings in a gallery in Kuwait. We travelled to Kuwait in the January to do some sketchbook studies around the city. I found myself fascinated by the old Mubarakiyya Souk. I made a number of on the spot sketchbook studies which you can see in another log post.

Sketchbooks Watercolours

These studies were used to do two studio paintings. A smaller A4 watercolour which is sold and this larger 21″ x 14″ original painting which has been published as a limited edition print.

You can see from the earlier blog post that I’ve used the same simple palate as the sketchbook studies. Raw Sienna, Cadmium Red, Vandyke Brown and Payne’s Grey for virtually all of the painting. The original is currently on view at my Studio and Gallery in Ponteland.

The loose, fresh feel of the sketchbook watercolours is something that I aim to reproduce in the studio painting. Although I do use photographs for some of the details, I don’t try to copy the photograph. Instead I use the photographs as a tool in conjunction with the sketchbook watercolours.

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